Proverbs 17:16

Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he hath no heart to it?

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Do not play games with wisdom! God has no use for fools, no matter how well they pretend. Wisdom is most precious, and God is offended by those who talk about it but will not pay for it. He will expose and punish pretenders that play games about wisdom.

Real seekers of wisdom pay the price. They end childish and foolish activities to learn truth and knowledge (Pr 18:1). They will do what it takes to get wisdom (Pr 23:23). They will invest energy and time for it, like a mining company seeking treasure (Pr 2:1-5).

What is wisdom? It is godly judgment. It is knowing the right response to any situation. It is knowing the solutions to dilemmas or where to find them. It is the knowledge and understanding of the living and true God and a complete worldview based on the Bible.

Fools pretend to want wisdom, for it makes them look good. They attend church, carry a Bible, give a few bucks, ask questions, compliment the preacher, and may buy a religious book. But they have no heart for real learning, for needed correction and instruction.

Fools are totally content in their little fantasy world – trusting their own imaginations and doing their own things. They let their friends, school, movies, and the news media form their opinions. Can you prove you are any different? Do you have a heart for wisdom?

Truth and wisdom are not rights. God owes them to no man, and He only gives them to some men. He will not give them to fools. In fact, He will take from fools the little truth they think they have (Luke 8:18; 19:24). Jesus called them dogs and pigs and warned his followers not to waste any effort or time on them (Matt 7:6). Hard to believe? Believe it!

The visible universe proves God’s existence. When men reject it, He turns them over to insane ideas and actions (Rom 1:18-32). He loves to blind and confuse men (Job 5:12-14). Read His mocking of Egypt’s wise men and idolaters (Is 19:11-16; 44:9-20). He may even send lying spirits to deceive men for their arrogant ignorance (I Kgs 22:15-23).

Fools want to tell their own opinions (Pr 18:2). They have no pleasure in learning; they want to teach. They want to prove that reasoning in a circle from nothing leads to something – their own preconceived ideas! The greatest collection ever of such fools occurred in Athens with the development of Greek philosophy, where Paul tried to warn them against their superstitious babblings (Acts 17:16-31; I Cor 1:19-24; I Tim 6:20).

Of course, fools make a show of wanting knowledge, truth, and wisdom. They bring, as it were, a payment for them. But the wise God, Who sees the deepest motives and thoughts of the human heart, cuts them off completely. Though they may attend public preaching or teaching, He knows their intentions are false, so He may even deceive their teacher to lead them into greater error (Ezek 14:6-11; 33:30-32; Mat 13:10-16). Give God the glory!

Wisdom is only for those who go all-out for it, buy it at any price, and will not sell it (Pr 2:1-5; 4:7; 9:6-8; 18:1; 23:23; Matt 13:44-46). Fools and scorners are to be cut off from knowledge and truth (Pr 14:6-7; 23:9; 26:4,12; Matt 7:6; 21:27). Ministers are to avoid and reject them and their questions (I Tim 1:4; 4:7; 6:4-5; II Tim 2:14,16,23; Titus 3:9).

Paul prayed to be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men without faith (II Thess 3:1-2), and he praised the noble Bereans for their zeal for the truth (Acts 17:11). He warned men not to despise prophesyings, for they should love preaching (I Thess 5:20). The Jews under Ezra are the best example of coming with a sincere heart (Neh 8:1-18).

You live in the perilous times of the last days (II Tim 3:1 – 4:5). Most Christians have a form of godliness, but there is no power in it. They attend services and listen to teachers, but they resent doctrinal sermons (II Tim 4:3-4). They are ever learning, but they never find truth (II Tim 3:6-7). They may pay a small price, but they have no heart for wisdom.

They prefer the praise band and a testimony by an NFL player than hearing God’s word read distinctly with the correct interpretation given (Neh 8:8). The women would rather travel to a conference of a prophetess flattering them than hear a man of God command reverencing husbands (Pr 23:13-14) and condemn defrauding husbands (I Cor 7:1-5).

How eager are you for wisdom and truth? God’s wisdom and truth? Forget political conspiracies, Austrian monetary theory, Freemasonry, geocentricity, the Nephilim, or alternative medicine. Do you crave knowing more about Christ Jesus the Lord? The way of righteousness? If yes, what sincere efforts will you make for such wisdom today?

If you have a Bible in your house, but are too busy to read it (Acts 17:11), you are the fool of this proverb. If you wear a WWJD bracelet, but only attend church once a month (Heb 10:25), you are the fool of this proverb. If you take the family to church on Sunday, but do not teach them on a daily basis, you are the fool of this proverb (Deut 6:6-9).

Jesus Christ is Lord of all! He knows you better than you know you (Heb 4:12-14). He knows if you truly love wisdom or not. He met many on earth that thought they believed on Him or said they believed on Him, but He would not waste His time with them. He knew how to drive them away with a little hard doctrine (Jn 2:23-25; 6:60-71; 8:30-47).

Do you crave the sound doctrine of truth and wisdom? Do you desire the fear of the LORD and the knowledge of God? Many more claim to seek the truth than actually seek it! There are many pretenders, many fools. There are only a few true seekers (Matt 7:13-14). Which are you? What will you do today to prove to God you want His wisdom?