Proverbs 16:17

The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul.

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Are you on the right road? Do you have a good map to avoid wrong turns? If you stay on the highway of the upright, you will save your life from much trouble. The Bible marks the road well, but there are many large and enticing turns to get you lost. The winners in the race of life, the redeemed of the Lord, stay on the highway of the upright (Is 35:8-10).

Solomon’s Proverbs are a goldmine of metaphors. The highway of the upright is the lifestyle of wise and godly men (Pr 2:20; 4:18; 12:28). They hate evil and avoid it as much as possible, like Job and David (Pr 13:6; 15:24; Job 1:1; Ps 101:1-8). They know where they are going, and they resist any temptation for a wrong turn (Pr 4:14-15; 14:8).

There is more than one road in life. There is the way of the wicked, which you must avoid with all fear (Pr 1:15; 4:19; 15:9; 22:5). If you wander out of the highway of the upright, you will live a painful life in the congregation of the dead (Pr 13:15; 21:16).

You must wisely understand the road you choose each day (Pr 4:25-27; 14:8; 19:16). Men will invite you to their way (Pr 16:29; 28:10). They will despise you for choosing the right way (Pr 29:27). Your heart will trick you into the wrong way (Pr 16:25; 21:2).

Trust your map – the Bible (Pr 3:5-6; 19:3; 21:29). The farther you go on the highway of the upright, the clearer and easier the way (Pr 4:18; 10:9). Train your children in the good and right way (Pr 22:6; 23:19). Prepare to be an old man in the right way (Pr 16:31).

The Christian life is a race – a long distance race, not a sprint. It is run with patience, rather than a short burst of conviction. It requires removing every weight – worldly distractions – that might hinder you. It requires removing the sin that easily besets you. It is run patiently before many witnesses in heaven, while you look to Jesus (Heb 12:1-2).

The road race of the Christian life is on the highway of the upright – the strait and narrow way outlined by Jesus Christ, the son of Solomon (Matt 7:13-14). Only a few men find this road that leads to life – the abundant life now and eternal life later. The gate onto this highway is very strait, or restrictive; and the way is very narrow, not allowing deviations.

The Christian who runs his race well will receive a prize. The world lives temperate lives of self-denial to win a corruptible crown. The sons of God should eagerly live temperate lives to win an eternal crown (I Cor 9:24-27). The goal of pleasing Jesus Christ and obtaining His favor should cause a pressing drive toward the finish line (Phil 3:13-14).