Proverbs 14:6

A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.

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A scorner resents correction and instruction, and he despises those correcting and instructing him. He is a perverse rebel, and he will not grow in wisdom. But a man with understanding, who loves correction and instruction, will grow in knowledge easily. What a difference among men! It is your duty and privilege, reader, to be the wise man.

The blessed God has no use for scorners. He hates them, and He is their enemy during life. They wander ignorantly in arrogance and self-righteousness, while He mocks them before angels and men. The LORD loves humble men, who willingly receive His Word and are thankful for it. They love His preachers and teachers, whether parents or pastors.

Men are born helpless and ignorant. They take a year to learn to stumble, another year to learn a few basic words, another two to ride a tricycle, and another twelve to drive a car dangerously. Men of understanding know their ignorance and dependence on God’s revelation and teachers. They love parents, pastors, and any other instructors who will teach them wisdom. They realize God has chosen others to lead them to true knowledge.

But scorners love their own thoughts, and they resent being told they are wrong. Their arrogance about their opinions makes them worse than a fool (Pr 26:12). They will not go to wise men to learn, because they presume they already know it all (Pr 15:12). And because they are scorners, wise men ignore and reject them (Pr 9:7-8). They are lost!

The most important rule for wisdom is to become foolish and humble (I Cor 3:18). God resists the proud and hides truth from them (Matt 11:25-27; Jas 4:6). Solomon said he was but a little child; Jehoshaphat said he did not know what to do: both men were blessed abundantly. The lower you can go in true humility, the higher God will raise you.

While humbling yourself, you must fear God and trust His word in all things (Pr 1:7; 3:5-6; 9:10; Ps 119:128). Then you seek unto His messengers with the noble and receptive spirit of the regathered Jews and the Bereans (Neh 8:1-12; Acts 17:11). The combination is powerful! God will guide you clearly in all matters of wisdom and knowledge.

This generation is scornful, so they are very ignorant. Effeminate teachers cater to silly women, who prefer Bible studies over wifely submission and holy mothering (II Tim 3:1-7; I Cor 14:34-35). The average so-called Christian today has rejected sound doctrine for entertainment and fables (II Tim 4:3-4). They are lost. They will never learn anything. But knowledge is easy for those who will follow God’s rules with a humble heart.