Proverbs 13:22

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

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Godly families improve generation by generation. Good men save for grandchildren. God blesses the noble investment by taking from the wicked and adding it to their inheritance. Wisdom includes estate planning for your family to improve financially. A loving patriarch intends for future generations of his family to have greater economic power.

Good men are farsighted, especially for their families. They are great family planners. They rejoice in grandchildren, and they prepare every possible advantage. God rewards their goodness by keeping their estates for their posterity. The generations of the just are blessed (Ps 103:17). But He takes riches from the wicked and gives them to the righteous.

The Bible promises longevity to the righteous and shortened days to sinners (Pr 3:1-2; 4:10; 9:11; 10:27; Ps 34:11-13; 91:16; Eph 6:2-3). It also promises the safe transfer of wealth from one generation to another for them (Pr 28:8; Eccl 2:26; Job 27:16-17). These are wonderful promises that no life insurance salesman can even approach with his offers.

Israel, the people of God, visited Egypt, the cat-worshipping pagans of the Nile. When they left, they took the nation’s wealth of many generations (Ex 3:21-22; 12:36). Saul was envious of righteous David and persecuted him, but God gave Saul’s throne and wives to David (II Sam 12:7-8). And it is David’s throne that endures forever (Is 9:6-7).

Men have a huge family role. Patriarchy is the Creator God’s plan for the family. As goes the father, so goes the family. Most life problems can be traced to a negligent father. He first must be morally and spiritually good, as taught in this proverb. Then he must save and give an inheritance to grandchildren. He counts grandchildren as his crown (Pr 17:6).

Only good men are strong enough to retain income and assets for an inheritance (Pr 11:16). Foolish and sinful men are too lazy, selfish, or wasteful to accumulate an estate for the family. A good man is a hard worker at a real profession or trade, a consistent and disciplined saver, a frugal and wise spender, a prudent and pessimistic investor, and a generous giver. He easily denies himself to have money left over for future generations.

God has ordered parents to build an estate for their children (Pr 19:14; II Cor 12:14). It is not an option or merely a suggestion – it is His commandment – it is a rule of wisdom. While children must be ready to support parents in case of an emergency in old age, this is not God’s ordinary plan for the two generations (I Tim 5:4,8). The parents should have lived diligently and wisely enough to provide an inheritance for the next two generations.

This profane world mocks God and His ordinances. Their selfish habits and lusts for pleasures and immediate gratification consume most or all of their income, or even more, as some men die as net debtors in this evil generation. It is popular, and funny to fools, for grandparents to say, “We’re spending our children’s inheritance.” The great God will send those retirees to hell and give their estates to the righteous, who love their families.

An inheritance for your children and grandchildren is one more reason you must save some of your income. Saving money is not an option or suggestion; it is your Christian duty (Pr 6:6-8; 30:25), because leaving an inheritance is your Christian duty. You cannot excuse yourself by reading the Bible and praying every day. You must save some of your income. Anyone can save simply by putting money aside and living on whatever is left.

What if you have little wealth to leave your grandchildren? If you have lived and worked nobly according to God’s word, He chose your situation for wise purposes. He wants you to give them even greater gifts. The greatest inheritance a man can leave his family is fear of the Lord, the Christian scriptures, and wisdom (Ps 34:11; 119:111; Eccl 7:11). Good men see three or more generations needing these precious things (Ps 78:1-8; Joel 1:1-3).

Reader, what are you doing for your family? Is your life of such integrity that blessings are accruing to your descendants, both spiritually and financially? Is your family growing in greatness generation by generation? Or are you a fool, neglecting to give your children the advantages you were charged to give them (Deut 6:4-9; II Cor 12:14; Eph 6:4)? Shame on you! Let every father remember daily why he is still alive (Is 38:19).

Christian, your financial position in life is of modest importance or significance. Focus your attention and affection upward. Your Father in heaven has an inheritance reserved for you in the next world that exceeds the wealth of the universe (I Cor 3:21-23; I Pet 1:3-5; II Pet 3:10-14). What investment did He make for your future? The death of His only Son! What portion did He assign to you? An equal portion with that Son (Ro 8:14-19)!