Proverbs 13:14

The law of the wise is a fountain of life, to depart from the snares of death.

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Do you resent being told what to do? When a parent, teacher, or pastor gives you a law, it is for your own good. Be thankful! Consider it a fountain of life! Their laws are to bless your life and save you from trouble. No one by nature likes to be told what to do, but a noble person recognizes that wise laws are for his good (Pr 6:23; 14:27; 15:24; Ps 141:5).

Ponce de Leon sought the fountain of youth to live longer. Laws from wise men are the fountain of life, in order to live longer and better! They will save you from the snares of death, which are traps of sinful living bringing misery and destruction. If you are wise, you will never resent the correction of a wise teacher (Pr 8:36; Acts 17:11; I Thess 5:20).

Why do parents have rules against playing in the street? Because they want their child to live and not be killed by a vehicle. Should a child resent such a rule? No! Why do good parents restrict activities with the opposite sex? Because they want their children to have loving marriages without scars of fornication. In each case, the parental law is a blessing.

If you are noble and prudent, you will appreciate laws given by those wiser than you. If you desire success in life, you will accept and obey rules given to prosper and protect you. You will grasp the importance of learning from the wisdom of others. And you will remember that the laws they impose are to bless your life and guard you from death.

Why do nations have traffic laws? Schools weapons rules? Militaries authority protocol? Factories safety rules? Airlines maintenance schedules? Drugs precise doses? Electric appliances user warnings? Because the laws and rules are given to protect people from danger and death, and they are given to provide sufficient guidance for great success.

Why do you resent rules? You think you know better? You know the teacher is not perfect? The rule restricts your freedom? The lawgiver is too pushy? You think it is just a matter of opinion? In all these cases, you are being foolish, for the law was given to help and protect you, not please or enrich the giver. Wise men love instruction and correction. Only fools and scorners resent them. Grow up today to start prospering by obeying rules.

God’s laws are perfect, better than any parent, teacher, or ruler can ever give (Ps 19:7-10; 119:96). His commandments are not grievous – not designed to cause pain or trouble (I Jn 5:3). It is foolish rebellion to think Bible rules are to hurt you. Israel with God’s laws was the envy of the world for its wisdom and success (Deut 4:1-8; 6:24-25; 10:12-13; Josh 1:6-9), and so was America when it followed God’s laws (Ps 33:12; 144:11-15).

The Bible is like a mirror that exposes blemishes that keep you from fully pleasing God and men (Jas 1:23-24). If you want to prosper in life, then you will not just hear or read God’s words, you will put them into practice, just like men and women improve their faces before going to an interview (Jas 1:21-22,25). You can be blessed starting today by drinking from the fountain of life, the law of the wise, to depart from folly and death.

How can you learn more laws of the wise? Trust your parents, who lived your life before you. Seek a multitude of counselors for major decisions. Crave your pastor’s preaching, as he gives forth God’s laws. And read the Bible to know the rules of wisdom to bless your life and protect you from death. The word of God is a lamp and light for your life (Ps 119:105), and it is able to clean up the lives of young men for success (Ps 119:9).