Proverbs 12:21

There shall no evil happen to the just: but the wicked shall be filled with mischief.

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Some people have regular pain and trouble. Here is a general rule from Solomon’s observations of human existence: the wicked are often troubled by the natural and supernatural consequences of their folly and sins, but the righteous have peaceful and protected lives. There is a reward for just men – they will be sheltered from trouble.

A general rule allows for exceptions, but exceptions do not alter the fact of the general rule. For example, Job was a just and righteous man, but he suffered enormously for a short while under God’s testing of his faith and patience (Job 1:1). But Job cannot excuse the constant trouble due to sin in many lives, for truth must say, “There is only one Job!”

Sin does not pay. If you choose sin, natural forces will punish you. Civil rulers prosecute criminals; employers fire bad workers; children despise derelict dads; parents punish foolish children; friends desert evil men; wives divorce adulterous men; churches exclude public sinners; banks deny poor credit; sexual flings bring disease; drunkenness causes hangovers; felonies hinder employment; financial folly brings poverty; and so forth.

But there is another force at work: God will not be mocked. If He allowed sinners to get away with sin, it would blot His holy character. Be sure your sin will find you out (Num 32:23). When men defy His laws taught in the Bible, He will punish them with misery, pain, and trouble (Ps 11:6; 18:26; 83:1-18; 145:20; 146:9; Hag 1:3-12). In fact, He will send His angels to chase and persecute them (Ps 35:5-6; Is 37:36; Acts 12:23).

Reader, beware! The God of heaven, the LORD Jehovah, controls all evil events and circumstances from single individuals to nations (Job 2:10; 34:29; Eccl 7:13-14; Is 45:7; Jer 18:7-10; Lam 3:37-38; Amos 3:6). Just ask Nebuchadnezzar! The greatest king in history would not end his sins to preserve his tranquility, so God brought on him a horrible judgment, to the end he might learn that pride and sin do not pay (Dan 4:27-37)!

The way of transgressors is hard (Pr 13:15). They know not at what they stumble (Pr 4:19). Their path is like a hedge of thorns (Pr 15:19). Thorns and snares are in their way (Pr 22:5). But a man keeping his soul by holy living avoids these problems (Pr 16:17; 19:16; 22:5). What is wickedness? Any choice or lifestyle short of God’s righteousness!

There is a reward for the righteous. The wicked seem to get away with sin for a while, but they will be crushed to powder; and the righteous will rejoice in victory over them (Ps 37:34-40; 50:16-22; 58:1-11). Choose this day to serve the Lord with your whole heart!