Proverbs 1:20

Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets:

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Lady Wisdom wants to help you. She offers knowledge and understanding day after day to all men. She will not always be available. If you reject her long enough, she will ignore you when you are in trouble. Make sure you accept and obey her gracious offer today.

Why do you keep hurting yourself? When will you finally tire of pain? What will it take to make you try a different approach to life? Why do you listen to fools calling (Pr 1:10-19)? You must love death, because you make your choices in that direction (Pr 8:32-36).

Lady Wisdom offers a happy and successful life to you. This glorious woman cries for your attention and affection. She is near you now. Can you hear her in the streets? She asks for you. This lady is Solomon’s powerful personification of wisdom as a woman.

Lady Wisdom wants your attention. She will give you wisdom, which leads to the best possible life in this world and the next. All you have to do is take her offer. How does she state her offer? “How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge? Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you” (Pr 1:22-23).

Most people suffer some sort of pain and trouble, year after year, generation after generation. They must love fear, grief, dysfunction, and destruction, because they never change. Parents divorce; the children say they will never divorce; the children end up divorced. A father commits adultery; his son vows he will never do such a thing; he commits adultery. Sin and suffering are endlessly perpetuated from one fool to the next.

A grandfather is a drunkard; his children, grandchildren, and nephews swear they will never abuse alcohol; but several end up being drunkards like the grandfather. A foolish rebel argues and fights with his parents, finally being thrown out to fend for himself. He fights at school; he fights in the military; he fights with employees and employers. His wife leaves him; his children hate him; but he fights on to the very last breath.

A little Hindu girl wonders why a million gods do nothing, why the neighbor’s cow is uncle Rahul, why her religion once encouraged widows to burn themselves to death at their husband’s funeral, why her nation worships the filthy Ganges, why she could be burned to death if her family does not pay a big dowry to the groom’s family, and why nations and people worshipping Jesus Christ are free from such terrible superstitions and live prosperously. Yet she grows up to be a big Hindu and teaches it to her daughters.

A little American girl wonders why there are so many churches and why both pledge and money mention God, when her schools deny Jesus Christ, the Bible, and prayer; why laws protect Pit Bulls but kill unborn children, why she must study hard but the nation supports a welfare class of “disabled,” why two men or two women marry but nature denies reproduction, why she must pay back her school debt but the government does not pay back theirs, and why many of her classmates are on prescription drugs for life. Yet she sends her daughters to the same schools and does not attend any of the churches.

The Creator God offers wisdom through the heavens He created (Ps 19:1-6), through the Bible He wrote (Ps 19:7-11), and through gospel preachers He sends to teach the Bible (Jer 3:15; Col 1:28-29; II Tim 3:16-17). Hear the proverb again: “Wisdom crieth without; she uttereth her voice in the streets” (Pr 1:20). But even Christians today have turned away from sound doctrine that brings wisdom for fables and entertainment (II Tim 4:3-4).

The Bible is the ultimate library – 66 priceless books handpicked by Almighty God. It is a divinely-inspired and perfect manual of wisdom. Its books include most genres of literature and cover every aspect of life, provide a complete worldview, and answer every philosophical question and dilemma considered by sane men. God gave it to turn simple men into wise men and to declare the truth about His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Lady Wisdom, Solomon’s personification of wisdom, calls for you to take advantage of God’s gracious offer. But most men choose to believe Darwin, Nietzsche, Spock, Freud, Gandhi, or Oprah. What does God do? He rejects their prayers, blinds them to truth and wisdom, and rewires their brains to do inconvenient things like sodomy (Pr 1:20-32; Rom 1:18-32). Lady Wisdom calls in earnest. What will you do today to learn wisdom?