How do I marry the right person?

This is easy, because the Inventor of love, marriage, and sex told you how in writing! You must find a person that totally fears and loves God independently of you, for that person will treat you just as God describes in the Bible, which is as good as a marriage can ever be. You must look for more than just a Christian – there are over 2 billion so-called “Christians” in the world today. They do not live or love any different than the world, and you will suffer the consequences.

You need a person that wants to live by the Bible in all they do and passionately serve Jesus Christ. When the excitement wears off after the honeymoon, then such a person will keep right on loving and treating you perfectly, because they will be doing it to please God and obey the Bible. If you ever need to ask this kind of spouse to change, you can show them their error from the Bible, and they will change. There is no substitute for this foolproof way to marry perfectly.

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