How can I revive my marriage?

The Bible teaches a simple three-step approach. In Revelation 2:5, Jesus told the church at Ephesus how they could revive their first love for Him in three simple steps. Apply those three steps to your marriage, because you need to do the same three things to bring back strong love.

First, remember how good it used to be when you were madly in love and what your relationship was like. Second, repent to God and your spouse for letting things slide so badly. Third, do the first works, which means to make passionate investments in your spouse like you once did. Think about the care you took to look your best, to do creative things, to write the best notes; think about how eager you were to spend time together, do anything for the other person, and forgive any faults. It is as simple as these three steps. Do you have the humility and conviction to do it?