Does the Bible condemn insurance?

No, the Bible expects you to reduce risk in your life (Pr 6:1-5; 22:3), and insurance is a modern, witty invention that helps you reduce risk (Pr 8:12). The Bible commends the coney, a species of rabbit, for hiding itself from danger, rather than fighting or running (Pr 30:26), and insurance is an easy way to hide.

Jesus condemned the devil for seeking to get Him to presume on God’s promises, when He had alternatives (Matt 4:5-7), and insurance is an alternative God has given you to avoid risk. Though Christians believe that safety is of the LORD, they also make preparations for safety (Pr 21:31; Ps 127:1). If insurance is wrong, then so is savings, since it is money set aside for emergencies, but savings is clearly taught in Proverbs (Pr 6:8; 30:25).

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