Why do you worship on Sun Day?

Many Sabbatarians who find our website and appreciate our bold Bible positions on many subjects ask why we do not keep the fourth commandment about the seventh day of the week. We appreciate the question, but there are very plain and powerful Bible answers that require us to worship Jesus Christ on the first day.

Friend, we are Gentile Christians under the New Testament following Jesus Christ according to the epistles of His apostles. Moses is nothing in comparison to Him. The Law is nothing in comparison to grace. Ceremonial works are nothing in comparison to faith. The Sabbath is nothing in comparison to the Lord’s Day.

The Sabbath was a special day to Israel only. This point is very important, but ignored or rejected by Sabbatarians. The Sabbath was never for Gentiles or Christians. It was only and specifically His special sign to Israel as His covenant nation under the O.T. (Ex 31:12-18; Deut 5:15; Neh 9:13-14; Ezek 20:12,20).

These verses are very plain. Read them! Believe them! Obey them! Gentile Christians under the N.T. have no obligation to keep Israel’s O.T. Sabbath laws. God never charged anyone else at any other time to keep the seventh day for any reason. No one observed the Sabbath before Moses came down from Mt. Sinai.

Christians follow and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ – not Moses, not Israel, not the Law, not the Jewish Sabbath. Exalting these pitiful substitutes that passed away long ago rejects and dishonors Jesus Christ. Sunday, the Lord’s Day, is a weekly privilege to glorify Jesus Christ on the day He ordained for worship. Christians always take N.T. ordinances and tradition over O.T. ceremonial or national laws.

Seventh-Day Adventists and their imitators glorify Saturday. They exalt Moses and the O.T. over Jesus and Paul and the N.T. They choose shadows over reality … law over grace … carnal ordinances over spiritual … bondage over liberty. They exalt a calendar day over the finished work of Christ. They reject the Lord’s spiritual fulfillment and abolition of the Sabbath for a worldly yoke of bondage.

Paul’s greatest burden was fighting such Jewish legalists. False teachers followed him, creeping into churches and corrupting Gentile believers with O.T. superstition about circumcision, dietary laws, and the Sabbath. Most of Galatians and Hebrews, and much of Romans, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, were written to oppose them. These heretics chose Moses and meats over Jesus and His gospel.

Rejecting celebration of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ and His day for beggarly bondage of the Jewish Sabbath is heresy and superstition. Christians never assembled as Christians on Saturday after resurrection morning. The Lord of the Sabbath had abolished it at His resurrection, after nailing that carnal and worldly ordinance to His cross, when He became the reality and fulfillment of its shadow.

It was a new day …. literally, the first day of the week … spiritually, the gospel Day called Today … covenantally, the New Testament of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The issue is simple. What is the N.T. day for religious worship? Is it Saturday, a carnal ordinance Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai and imposed on Israel until Jesus and His apostles? Or is it Sunday, the day on which Jesus Christ appeared to His assembled apostles and blessed them, who all kept that day from then on?

Four simple, conclusive passages – Col 2:16-17; Gal 4:9-11; I Cor 16:1-2; Acts 20:6-7 – are more than enough for noble readers (Acts 17:11), but the following document adds much more, answers objections, and provides for further study:

Christian or Sabbatarian: You Cannot Be Both

Friend, come over into the New Testament and join us Gentile Christians following the Lord Jesus Christ according to the authoritative epistles of His apostles. Leave Moses, Mt. Sinai, and the ancient nation of Israel where they belong – under the Old Testament. We sincerely wish you would consider the glory of Christ instead.