Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus is the human Son of the creator God of the Bible – Jehovah. He was conceived about 2000 years ago in the womb of a virgin named Mary by God’s power. He fulfilled all the Bible prophecies about God’s special Savior to save His people from death and hell, so He is called the Messiah or Christ – the anointed one of God. Time is measured before and after His birth.

Because He was God with a human body, He had two natures – one divine and one human. He is the perfect Godman – able to know your temptations and troubles to help you, and yet also God able to relate to the Godhead. He died as a substitute sacrifice for His people, was buried, rose again, sits at God’s right hand ruling the universe, and He will come again soon to destroy the world and gather together those that love and obey Him to spend an eternity in heaven.