Is Jesus Lord, or just Savior?

Jesus is Lord of all – period (Matt 28:18; Acts 10:36; Eph 1:20-22). He rules heaven and earth. All angels, good and bad, report to Him as His servants. They can do nothing without His approval.

Jesus is Savior of His people – for that is what His name means (Matt 1:21). He came to fulfill His Father’s will, which was to save every single one of God’s elect (John 6:38-39; 10:26-29).

Those Christians that think a decision for Jesus is what saves them have tried to separate the Lordship of Jesus Christ from His salvation. Some of them say you must confess and declare both. Others say you only must accept Him as your Saviour in order to be saved.

The problem with their whole foolish controversy is that no one is saved by their decision for Jesus. Salvation depends on God’s choice of them, which makes Jesus absolute Lord of each of life. If you want to assure your heart that you are God’s elect, then you must believe on Jesus as both Lord and Savior, because He is both of all God’s elect.