Has knowledge vanished away?

Yes, the Bible says the apostolic gift of knowledge would only last the forty years during the ministries of the apostles. There was no further benefit or need for such an incomplete and partial gift after the scriptures were completed (I Cor 13:8-10). The Pastoral Epistles of Paul make no mention of Timothy or Titus exercising any word of wisdom or knowledge – they were to study the Bible (I Tim 4:13-15; II Tim 2:15). The inspired scriptures have more knowledge than any gift of knowledge, if the man of God will study them as he should (II Tim 3:15-17).

Knowledge itself has not failed; there is more knowledge of spiritual things today from the Bible than ever existed by a word of knowledge at Corinth. Even average Christians that can read the Bible are able to know more than any gift of incomplete and partial gift of knowledge they had. In fact, though Corinth had such gifts while the apostles were alive, they failed the knowledge test by their carnality, false teachers, and weakness (I Cor 15:34; 8:7).