Why are you so harsh?

First, harshness is a matter of interpretation, personal opinion, or experience. The more effeminate and politically correct this generation becomes, the harsher any discussion of religious differences will appear. We measure ourselves by the preaching and teaching pattern of the prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are not convinced we are harsh at all. It is true that our words and tone do not sound like the sissified creeps leading captive silly women that Paul warned about (II Tim 3:6-7).

Second, we believe you will wish we had been more harsh one second after you meet the Judge of the quick and the dead. The apostle Paul, inspired to know the terror of the Lord and the coming judgment of all men, persuaded men using a strong fear factor (II Cor 5:9-11). Even in the presence of Governor Felix, he went right after the subject of judgment to come (Acts 24:25). And with the great Greek philosophers at Mars’ Hill, Paul told them Jesus would soon be coming in judgment on them as well (Acts 17:29-31).

Third, the seriousness of the matters at hand demands a level of dogmatism and insistence that is not popular today. That is why Paul told Timothy, “Be instant in season, out of season”(II Tim 4:2), where “instant” means insistent, pressing, and urgent. We are dealing with the most important matters of life and eternity, and while we hope to not exceed the prophets and apostles in intensity, neither do we want to come short of them.

Fourth, the times in which we live require intense methods. We are in the perilous times of the last days, when most do not want sound doctrine; but the apostolic injunction sounds loud and clear, “Preach the word!” (II Tim 4:1-4.) Evil seducers are waxing worse and worse, and the antidote may need to be a little stronger to counteract their seductive draw (II Tim 3:13-17).

Fifth, we are at war with your thoughts and imaginations (II Cor 10:4-6). Truth is not a matter for debate or discussion. God has revealed truth, and every thought must be conformed to it. If you truly want to understand, then read the passage just given describing Paul’s ministry. We are in a war for your soul against the thoughts and imaginations of your mind against Christ.

Sixth, we believe the modern “Christian” has been so effeminized by Robert Schuller, Benny Hinn, and James Dobson types that they can no longer recognize a real teacher or preacher. They are offended when a man does not smile with a toothy grin, ooze gentleness, and tell a sappy story fit for a Girl Scout campfire. We do not have any regard for pulpit manner, bedside manner, or other girlie terms that would not have fit Elijah, John the Baptist, Jesus, or Paul.

Seventh, we want you to know we love the truth and all God-fearing men. We may sound harsh, but it is simply a reflection of our love of truth and hatred for lies and sin. We may sound harsh, but we are trying to save you from the real danger of displeasing Jehovah. We would serve any man with love and patience, who was seeking to learn the way of God more perfectly. Try us!

Last, we recommend you skim these sermon outlines to get a feel for the spirit and methods of the prophets and apostles of our Lord, and of His own methods as well:

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