With your emphasis on election,
do you believe in evangelism?

Yes, we believe in evangelism, which is why you are reading our FAQs. We continue to build and advertise one of the most thorough religious websites at our own expense to declare the full truth of the gospel to every person on earth. We have over 40,000 subscribers to our daily Proverb commentary in two languages, over 100,000 unique visitors to our website monthly, and our considerable advertising budget reaches hearers and readers in over 230 countries.

Bible evangelism is different than what most think. Like Paul, we are willing to do anything we can to help convert God’s elect (II Tim 2:10). We believe that every person God elected to eternal life will be saved by the death and intercession of Jesus Christ and the regenerating and resurrecting power of the Holy Spirit. No man, whether the apostle Paul or Billy Graham, has ever added a single name to the book of life. Our role is to preach the gospel like Paul did for the instruction, comfort, assurance, and warning of each of God’s elect (Rom 1:11-17; 10:1-5).

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