Great Prophecies of the Bible

by Ralph Woodrow

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Having surveyed hundreds of prophetic books, this one is more concise, easier to read, better documented, and more accurate than any we have found. In the few hours it takes to read 192 interesting pages, you will learn more than most pastors and seminarians know about prophecy.

Great Prophecies of the Bible by Ralph Woodrow

The rapture – when? Coming “for” and “with” the saints? Dispensational proof texts examined. Will many be saved after the Lord comes? Will He return “at any moment”? Origin of two-stage theory.

Part Two: THE GREAT TRIBULATION – Future or Fulfilled?
Matthew 24. When shall these things be? Abomination of desolation – is it future? Sun, moon, and stars darkened – common Bible figures of speech. The fig tree – the Jewish nation? “Tribulation” references examined. Jacob’s trouble – future or fulfilled?

Part Three: DANIEL’S SEVENTIETH WEEK – Future or Fulfilled?
The prophecy of Cyrus. Bible chronology. Does a gap follow the 69th week? Is the subject Christ or Antichrist? Will the Antichrist make a covenant with the Jews? Will animal sacrifices be restored?

Part Four: THE ANTICHRIST – Futurist and Fulfilled Views Compared.
The falling away. Daniel’s prophecy – The Little Horn. Paul’s prophecy – The Man of Sin. John’s prophecy – the Antichrist. The Protestant view of the Papacy. Futurism – the counter interpretation.

Most Christians in these perilous times are turning from the truth to fables (II Tim 4:3-4). To contend for the faith once delivered to the saints, we are offering this book below our cost to defend you against the heresies of Futurism and Preterism.

Read this book and be informed about Bible prophecy against the many lies being taught today (II Tim 3:13). Here is an antidote for Scofield, LaHaye, and Van Impe.

Notice to the Reader

We provide this book below cost, because it contains valuable information. This does not mean we endorse everything taught by the author elsewhere, and we may not agree with every sentence in this book. However, let the truth of this book convict you to hate today’s heresies (Ps 119:128; II Tim 3:1-5; II Tim 4:3-4).