The God of Prayer

Is anything wrong in your life? Change it! You have unlimited power, wisdom, and comfort available. Do you use them? Why not? They are but a thought or word away.

The only God – Jehovah – is a friend to all that call upon Him. He will help you. He can fill you on the inside, protect you on the outside, and prosper anything you touch.

Do you wish you could change things in your life? In your children’s lives? In your government? You can change these things and more. Prayer changes things.

Prayer is incredible! It is asking God for help, even if unspoken words in your heart. God hears your sighs (Ex 2:23-25) and sees your tears (Ps 56:8). And He answers!

The LORD God Jehovah, your Father by His choice to adopt you by the payment of His Son Jesus Christ’s life, has given you powerful reasons to trust Him in prayer.

He is … PRAYER – VULNERABLE … Gen 32:24-28; Hos 12:3-5; Mal 2:13-14.

He is … PRAYER – TEACHING … Lu 11:1-8; 18:1-8; Hos 14:1-9; Jas 4:2-3; 5:16.

He is … PRAYER – HEARING … Exodus 2:23-25; II Chr 30:27; Ps 10:17; 34:15.

He is … PRAYER – REASONING … Gen 18:23-32; Num 14:11-21; Is 38:18-22.

He is … PRAYER – ANSWERING … Ps 91:15; 138:3; Is 58:9; 65:24; Matt 21:22.

He is … PRAYER – ENCOURAGING … Matt 7:11; Heb 4:15-16; James 1:5; 4:2.

He is … PRAYER – ENHANCING … Romans 8:26-27; Heb 4:15-16; Rev 8:3-4.

He is … PRAYER – EXCEEDING … I Kings 3:13; I Sam 2:20-21; Eph 3:20-21.

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