Solomon's Proverbs: Money

Everyone needs money, and most could use more left over after paying the bills! King Solomon was incredibly rich, and he gave inspired advice to his children and citizens to be financially wise. Some of his rules for success are well known, but others are not taught in any business school. If you want to make the most of your labor and income, then read on.


Proverbs 10:4

Before you can save or invest money, you must earn it. Solomon emphasized diligence as a key to financial success. A lazy person will be poor, and most poor are relatively lazy. But the labors of the diligent man will acquire riches.


Proverbs 13:23

Is the idiom true, A fool and his money are soon parted? It is, and it was. Solomon saw the poor gather large harvests, but they never had anything left at the end of the year. Their lack of financial judgment cost them their income.


Proverbs 21:20

A man who works hard, saves some of all income, and restrains his spending will have an estate. But a fool cannot resist the urge to blow his income on things he does not need. He will never have an estate or anything nice in life.


Proverbs 11:24

A great way to get ahead is to give your money away! It is true! Business schools are not smart enough to know it, but Solomon did. If you stingily hold back to protect assets, you will lose; if you throw it away, you will prosper!


Proverbs 14:15

Bernie Madoff made off with $50 billion of other's money. The next Bernie may scam you, unless you learn to think critically. Solomon knew more about frauds and hoaxes than any man, and he gave a simple rule to protect you.


Proverbs 11:15

Most financial loss and risk can be avoided, if you strict about your commitments. Risk is the danger of something else taking your money from you. But you can be sure in your estate, if you hate the right things that Solomon teaches.


Proverbs 12:11

Hard work works! Talking about a business opportunity does not! Called multi-level marketing or direct sales, they rely on rah-rah meetings to get you to buy overpriced products in hope you might become a millionaire.


Proverbs 30:25

Saving money is not just a good idea or possible use of income. It is a commandment of God, and He created a little creature to teach you the lesson – the ant! They work hard all summer, and they save much food for winter.


Proverbs 21:17

Are you a spendthrift? You cannot prosper. It is not the high cost of living hurting you, but rather the cost of high living. Stop spending beyond your income. Wise men do not spend all they make, but fools do and die poor.


Proverbs 3:9

You can honor God by obedience, worship, prayer, and singing. But you can also do it by firstfruits giving (no other kind will work). If you put Him first this way, He will put you first in line for financial blessings. Read it.


Proverbs 14:4

You have to spend money to make money. If you have heard this before, it was taken from this proverb. Wise men invest savings in income-producing assets to leverage their ability and time to get ahead faster than others.


Proverbs 28:22

Slow down! Especially with money! Haste makes waste! God and Solomon order you to slow down, because ambitious and impulsive decisions reveal a covetous and greedy man, and poverty is coming to those hasty to be rich.