Looking for One Good Man

Divorce and dysfunctional marriages are everywhere. Parents want their children to do better than they did. God created love, marriage, and sex. He knows more about these things than all counselors and sociologists combined. Here is a test from the Bible for men. Measure a few friends to get the feel. Let the scoring criteria and their definitions provoke conversation. Parents, do not violate the pass/fail rule (Pr 31:30).

Fear of
the Lord

Pr 31:30

(To be completed by parents)
Proven fear of God, love of God, trust in Scripture, delight in the Lord, love of the truth, fellowship with Christ, zeal for worship, complete conversion, hatred of sin and the world, willing to learn and change, confident of eternal life, baptized, lives by faith, loves strong preaching, no fear of peers, honors his parents, loves prayer, holy, despises man's wisdom, spiritually minded, hates false ways, humble, craves instruction, evangelistic, wise, intolerant of sin, etc.
Luke 2:52
Great character, good name, wise, prudent, wonderful person, highly respected, praiseworthy, accomplished, confident, strong
Prov 22:11
Courteous, charming, pleasing, polite, kind, condescending courtesy, compassionate, agreeable, thoughtful, discreet, gentle
Prov 22:29
Hard working, persistent, focused, intense, high-energy, does not procrastinate, fast, thorough, accomplished, consistent, eager
Prov 20:6
Responsible, committed, principled, dedicated, loyal, respects authority, punctual, constant, disciplined, goal oriented, conscientious, consistent
Gen 18:19
Authoritative, confident, an example, insistent, expresses opinions, provides direction, decisive, responsible, determined, bold, peacemaker, strong
Prov 24:27
Assets, good income potential, good credit, organized, solvent, prudent, has a plan, transferable skills, has career options, proper contentment
Song 5:9-16
Eyes, hair, lips, teeth, distinct features, hands, skin, shoulders, lean waist, strong legs, athletic, masculine, proportionate, fit
Phil 2:20-22
His father is virtuous, gracious, spiritual, diligent, faithful, leader, financial, supportive, involved, family oriented, strong, loving
Prov 13:20
He has several of good reputation, values character, makes friends easily, rejects fools or critical, will forsake them if necessary, friendly, independent, contributes
John 15:15
Talks easily, expresses feelings, explains opinions, verbally affectionate, pursues your thoughts and feelings, good listener
I Sam 18:5,14
Prudent, discreet, clever, circumspect, cautious, critical, intelligent, analytical, experienced, thorough, careful, common sense
Matt 19:6
Believes the best, forgives easily, one-woman man, never flirts, committed, optimistic, consistent, "for poorer," "for worse," "in sickness"
Titus 2:6
Laughs discreetly, doesn't joke or jest, avoids foolishness, hates comedies, introspective, serious, prefers weighty discussions, grave
I Cor 13:4-7
Forgiving, trusting, believing, conventional, hoping, kind, longsuffering, forebearing, patient, discreet, humble, modest, generous, gentle
Eph 5:15
Circumspect, common sense, considerate, good judgement, cautious, prudent, wise, careful, thoughtful, sober, patient, gracious
I Pet 3:7
Knowledgeable of women, considerate, compassionate, kind, merciful, thoughtful, protective, supportive, respectful, flattering
Eph 5:29
Loving, tender, affectionate, pampering, expressive, touchy, sentimental, romantic, giving, stroking, unselfish, little surprises
Eph 5:29
Supportive, answers questions, promotes your growth and learning, desires your maturity, a teacher, allows outside pursuits
Prov 20:4
Self-starter, go-getter, motivated, responsive, confident, committed, goal-oriented, bold, hustler, dynamo, competitive
Eccl 4:13
Communicates well, high IQ, analytical, critical, observational, curious, interested in learning new things, common sense, thorough, clever, creative
Eph 5:16
Prompt, neat, clean, efficient, fast, orderly, planning, remembers, thorough, detail conscious, confident, collected, systematic
Eccl 10:1
Existing children, divorce, felonies, physical handicaps, other serious relationships, debts, perverse home situation, past scandals
Song 1:2; 2:4
Giving, expressive, passionate, touchy, complimentary, intense, romantic, kind, gentle, affectionate, adoring, possessive, jealous
Song 2:8-13
Inventive, original, full of surprises, initiates ideas, appreciates beauty, observational, tires of routine, spontaneous, explorer
Song 5:14-15
Enjoys working out, not sports ignorant, competitive, enjoys sweat, coordinated, intense, physical, fit, conditioned, lean
Gen 2:18
Compatible, well suited for role, rules and controls weaknesses, understands gifts, complementary, risks understood
Heb 13:4
Understands its honor, its limits, its purpose; its danger; thinks Solomon best typifies great lover, grasps female superiority, unselfish, romantic
II Tim 1:5
His family is spiritual, faithful, conservative, loving, gracious, loyal, attractive, intelligent, peaceful, supportive, discreet, diligent, united, close
Family Oriented
Prov 17:6
Likes children, family reunions, grandparents, large dinners, family trees, training future generations, closeness
I Sam 16:18
Strong, fit, athletic, enjoys manly activities, good at physical labor, dresses well, short hair, tough, pain tolerant, warrior
Song 2:4-6
Passionate, fit, coordinated, clean, appreciates senses, romantic, confident, creative, gentle, verbal, physical, bold, loves beauty
I Thess 2:7
Patient, considerate, kind, thoughtful, forgiving, merciful, tender, compassionate, helpful, slow, cautious, sympathetic, meek
Rom 12:13
Cordial, generous, gracious, selfless, creative, talkative, warm, joyful, friendly, a servant, expressive, communicative
I Kings 4:33
Detail conscious, notices small favors, appreciates beauty, analytical, reflective, sensitive, meditative, enjoys roses