Today's World

Is the Bible relevant? Does it apply to modern life? Yes, and yes! An eternal God with infinite wisdom wrote it for all generations and societies. You can become mature and wise by using the Bible for every issue – exercising your senses to discern good or evil in any situation or topic. Every dilemma or event in our modern world has a Bible answer. Consider these articles.


The NOAH Movie

A Hollywood Atheist Attacks
God and the Bible


Christian friend, these notes about Hollywood’s Noah assume you fear and love the living and true God of the Bible and want to honor Him and His word with your life.


Fu – The Most Auspicious Chinese Word

The Fu character or symbol will decorate many homes, businesses, and cities as the Chinese New Year approaches. All Chinese know the character stands for blessedness, happiness, riches, and success. But most Chinese are not aware of the wonderful message the character itself teaches about the source of true blessing, riches, and success.


Should Christians Cremate?

Hindus and other pagans that know not God or the Lord Jesus Christ have cremated for millennia. They know nothing about the resurrection power of Jesus Christ, and they have no regard for human life, since they expect to be reincarnated into another body after death. The first crematorium in the USA was built in 1876. After Roman Catholics whitewashed this pagan ritual and crematoriums sanitized the process, now it is the choice after 30% of all deaths in the USA. What should Christians do? Is it a matter of liberty?


Space Shuttle Lost

On Saturday morning, February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia exploded over central Texas. Seven astronauts died instantly. What should we think about such events? They are not truly accidents, random, or brought about by fate. There is a God in heaven, and He expects sober reflection and repentance for sins. With the nation rushing full speed after sinful pleasures, such a shocking event should not have surprised Christians!


What Does God Think
About Harry Potter?

What in the world can be wrong with an innocent story about an orphaned boy learning life's lessons? If we condemn Harry Potter, then what will we have to condemn next? But God hates sorcery and witchcraft and anything and anyone associated with them! That makes Harry Potter and all his books, movies, and paraphernalia very wrong!

Forecast: Global Warming!

Jesus Christ is coming soon to burn up the earth with fervent heat. He will do much more than raise CO2 levels or deplete the ozone layer. He will melt the elements, judge the human race, and cast the wicked into the lake of fire, which will never cool. The media hysteria about global warming is a lie, which experts say is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. God guaranteed that their version of global warming cannot occur.


The Finger of God

The destruction of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001 by terrorists was a terrible blow to the United States. But it did nothing to bring about national repentance or revival. Proud Americans began talking about the great American spirit, and they began singing, "God bless America," as if He owed them a blessing. What will God bring next to wake this nation from its rapid descent into godless arrogance and sin?


The Animated Crucifix

Attention Bible Christians! This critique is for you. If you fear God, love the truth, believe Jesus Christ is the King of kings and coming Judge, and are able to consider a Biblical counter-opinion to the world's foaming enthusiasm for this movie, then carefully read these arguments against watching it.


Anthrax: The Perfect Antidote

Shortly after 9/11, a deadly poison called Anthrax began showing up in various places with hundreds of other false alarms. Fear of this deadly powder became paralyzing to some. This lethal poison, comparable to the horrible pestilences and epidemics of the past, could kill a person without notice. Only the God of heaven can protect men from such things, and He has conditions on His protection. Do you know what those conditions are? Do you care?


Ever Learning

You live in the information explosion. Like our ancestors that lived in the Industrial Revolution, lifestyles are changing rapidly. Is more information a good thing? Is much more information even better? What if in all the information the importance of truth is lost? What if precious time is lost? The Bible describes a generation that would be obsessed with learning but would never be able to learn the truth? Which is more important, information and learning, or truth?


The Decline of a Nation

If you think America is still a Christian nation, because her pledge has "under God" and her money has "In God We Trust," you are sadly mistaken. America is a nation of baby murderers and sodomites, and hardly a voice is heard in opposition. But even worse than these devilish symptoms from pagans is the effeminate and compromising brand of Christianity that now infects the nation. Check out this brief document and compare our present government to that of 228 years ago. David said, "The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" (Ps 9:17).


Christian Exodus? Are you kidding?

A few disgruntled Americans are making noise about taking over a few counties in South Carolina. They want something they call a constitutional republic, even if they have to secede from the union. Pagan newspapers across the country have published this sensational item, because the devil knows it discredits Bible Christianity. Though we are located in South Carolina, we oppose this folly with God's infallible word.