Sermons: Prophecy

If you love the God of the Bible, you should love prophecy, for He delights in it and boasts of His ability to forecast the future. Bible prophecies glorify God by His power to bring His predictions to pass, and they will build your faith as you see them clearly fulfilled in history. If you love truth, you will also eagerly learn this subject, for most prophetic truth has nearly disappeared in the last 200 years.

The Witness of 70 AD

70 AD

A great prophecy of the Bible is also one of the most unknown. Jesus, prophets, and apostles prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem, which was fulfilled in 70 A.D. by the Roman armies. This study will explain and reconcile scriptures like never before.

Glory of Fulfilled Prophecy

God boasts of His ability to forecast the future, which no other god or man can do. Fulfilled prophecy proves He is God! Fulfilled prophecy gives Him great glory! You should understand how much this means to Him, if you truly seek to love and worship Him.

Preterism: A Damnable Heresy

Were all prophecies fulfilled by 70 A.D.? Christ's second coming? Dead bodies raised? The Judgment? New heaven and new earth? A few vocal heretics say it is so, calling it preterism. We deny by the authority of the Bible and testimony of Jesus.

The Rome Connection

All roads lead to Rome ... in Bible prophecies about the antichrist! If you believe the "Left Behind" novels, you may have no idea about this sermon. If you want to learn what the martyrs and our fathers in the faith believed, then grab your Bible and listen.

The Gospel Millennium

Does the Bible prophecy a 1000-year reign of Jesus Christ? Yes, it does. Do you know when this time period begins and ends? This sermon will correct the false idea of a Jewish millennium of Jesus on an earthly throne, animal sacrifices, and such like.

The Whole Creation Groaneth

Why do goldfish and roses die? The universe is under the bondage of sin, but it will soon be delivered when Jesus Christ destroys death and creates a new heaven and earth for His children. This sermon will open a dark passage in Romans 8.

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Alexander the Great
Audio/Video Presentation

Amazing Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy! Crank up your speakers and rejoice in the God of Heaven. Is there any other God who can foretell the future like our God?

The Bible provided many details about the worlds greatest military general hundreds of years before he was born! Watch this presentation and learn about these exciting prophecies from the book of Daniel.

Stop fretting about political circumstances; our King of kings is greater than "the great". The Lord God omnipotent reigneth!


Making Sense of Daniel

Daniel is one of the most exciting books in the Bible, intriguing children in the first six chapters, and challenging the wisest of adults in the last six chapters. This study is offered to glorify the God of heaven, lift up Jesus Christ as the King of the final kingdom, defend the Bible from false accusations of skeptics, clear up the confusion about its prophecies, and encourage the faith of God's elect.

Which Comes First?
Christ or Antichrist?

Have you been deceived? Is your pastor lying to you? Paul warned of a deception about the Antichrist. Men would lie that Jesus Christ's Second Coming was to occur before the Antichrist came to power. This is not taught in the Bible at all. The Antichrist has been here a long time, and fables like the "Left Behind" series are protecting him. Are you a victim of this false doctrine only taught since 1830? It is time to be delivered by the word of God!